Harry Styles was a "complete gentleman" when Katy Perry revealed her pregnancy news to him during a plane journey.

Katy Perry, who is expecting her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom, recalled Harry Styles's gentlemanly reaction to her pregnancy news during an appearance on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show on Tuesday, reports Mail Online. The "Roar" hitmaker revealed that she was on a plane when she saw that Styles was aboard it as well, and decided to give her friend the good news, even though she hadn't announced it yet.

"I saw him on a plane, it was so funny. I actually saw him on a plane before I announced that I was pregnant. We were having a conversation and I was like: "Yeah and I'm pregnant", just like off the cuff, cause I was like, what else do you say!" the 35-year-old revealed.

When the former "One Direction" bandmate found out that Perry was pregnant, he acted like a true gentleman and protectively offered her his seat as she was crouching.

"He was so happy for me, he actually, you know what he was so sweet. I was like crouching down by his seat on the plane and once I had told him that, he got up out of his seat and he's like: 'Here, sit in my seat,'" Katy recalled.

"And I was like, "Noo! I'll just go and sit in my own seat", which is right across the way, but he's like a complete gentleman," she added.

Katy Perry and Harry Styles go way back when the latter was just a teenager, and Perry who was well-established by then appeared on "X-Factor" as a guest judge and helped him form the band with fellow participants Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik.

When the "Dark Horse" singer appeared as a guest judge in the show in 2010, she sent Niall Horan through to the next round, consequently forming the five-member band. Perry was asked if the "Adore You" singer was her favourite member, to which she replied: "Oh, that's not nice to Niall!"

Katy Perry
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"I'm not choosing anyone but I did choose Niall to go through on the X-Factor. So I do feel like ownership over that, like I completed One Direction, don't ever forget that! I love those boys it's nice to see everyone grow, but Styles I love him and what he stands for," she said.