In a recent virtual interview to promote her new album "Smile," Katy Perry admitted that she chooses not to read the comments on her social media accounts because of the negativity.

The "Never Worn White" singer tackled anything from her music, relationships, social media influences, and becoming a mum in an interview with Zane Lowe's podcast on Apple Music. She said she does not want to read the comments because the comparisons infuriate her. People compare her to other chart stars, especially those who are women.

"Take any female performer and you hear about it every single day. You want to read Twitter comments? Somebody want to take my account and read my Twitter comments? No, you don't," Perry said.

"You don't because it's all about who's better than who, who's skinnier than who, who sold more number ones than who, who's doing better this year than who, who made this much more. It's like, 'Okay. Well, what about just liking the music?" she asked.

The "American Idol" judge admitted that she is competitive but not with other women. She clarified that she is competitive because she wants to succeed.

"I care about my art and I hope that it reaches. That's how I'm competitive," she admitted.

Perry suggested that instead of pitting women artists against each other, people should just learn to appreciate and value their work. She said she wants "every single female in the industry to feel supported and loved."

"...And feel they can speak their truth and deliver their message, no matter how many of us women are in the industry. I mean time and time again, I want to hire more women than men. I want to support them," the 35-year old shared.

The singer said she would rather invite her female peers for a chat so they could talk about what they are all going through and share advice. She said having wine and sharing similar stories is better than getting compared against each other.

Perry has been outspoken about the negative effects of social media on people. She once said that Twitter and Instagram are proof of the "decline of civilisation." She even encouraged her fans to live their lives instead of reading the negativity in the comments.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs 2017 Reuters