Kay Cola has claimed that she heard Chris Brown beating up Karrueche Tran back when the R&B singer and the model were a couple. The Grammy-nominated singer has said she even called the police when she heard Tran "screaming at the top of her lungs".

"Some of y'all make me sick to my stomach talking about. Karrueches lying. I've heard him beating her myself. I even called the police," the 31-year-old singer wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. Cola has said that she used to be the former couple's neighbour.

Cola said she "used to cry over that [Tran] situation" because she too was a victim of domestic violence. She never spoke about Brown and Tran in the past because she "didn't feel it was my place". Cola, however, has come out to defend Tran after "hearing y'all say she's [Tran] lying."

"I can't just sit by," she said.

Cola even confronted Brown because he was so loud that it used to wake up her daughter.

"I even got into it with Chris because his loud ass used 2 wake up my daughter. He was rude as f**k & I had known him since he was a kid," she said.

"The point is, stop defending these assholes and always blaming the woman. It's sad & sick, & is why women don't speak out," she added.

Cola's tweets came soon after it was reported that Tran was granted a temporary restraining order against Brown after he allegedly "threatened to shoot" her. According to TMZ, Tran in her sworn statement to the court has accused Brown of beating her during their relationship. She has alleged that her former boyfriend has "told a few people that he was going to kill me" and also threatened to cause harm to her friends.

Brown and Tran dated on and off from 2011 to 2014.