Actor Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey said he is more interested in focusing on TV and theatre. Reuters

Kevin Spacey has slammed Hollywood for its poor standards.

The House of Cards star revealed that he is often offered bad roles for lots of money.

The 54-year-old, who is increasingly concentrating his efforts in TV and theatre, said however, he refuses to lower his acting standard and sell out.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "You'd be shocked. There are a lot of people out there who offer roles to actors because they'll elevate their movie to a place the movie would never reach."

"They offer them a s***load of money for a c**p part, but it doesn't make the movie any better. And I'm not interested in elevating someone's c**p movie," he added.

Unless it's Martin Scorsese, and it's a really significant role, f*** off.
- Kevin Spacey

Spacey revealed that the only director he would consider working with is The Wolf of Wall Street director Martin Scorsese.

"Unless it's Martin Scorsese, and it's a really significant role, f*** off," he said.

The actor's last big screen appearance was for the 2011 comedy Horrible Bosses with Jennifer Aniston. He is currently working on the sequel for a reported fee of $1 million and is also set to portray former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a forthcoming biopic.

Spacey added that he plans focus on his commitments as director of The Old Vic theatre in London.

"It was absolutely unappealing to me to end up in a lot of movies I shouldn't do, to start showing up and doing the same thing over and over," he said.

The actor was recently seen at the Oscars posing for Ellen DeGeneres star-studded selfie that went viral on Twitter.