Ridley Scott's new film All the Money in the World is to undergo reshoots just weeks before its planned December release after the director, studio Sony Pictures and stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams agreed that disgraced actor Kevin Spacey should be removed from the film.

In an unprecedented move, Spacey, who was originally cast as Jean Paul Getty, has been replaced by Christopher Plummer, who will join the production as it gathers for the unprecedented reshoots.

Despite the decision to exorcise Spacey from All the Money in the World, the film is still intended to be released in the US on 22 December.

Deadline reports: "In a unified front, the cast and crew of the film, and Sony Pictures, unanimously agreed to reshoot all of Spacey's scenes, with Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams' cooperation part of the mix.

"This comes on the heels of the decision to pull the film from the prestige closing night slot of the AFI Festival."

The Hollywood Reporter states that Plummer was in fact first choice to play Getty, but "top studio executives wanted a bigger name".

Spacey has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances on men and, in the case of Star Trek Discovery star Anthony Rapp who was first to go public with his story, a 14-year-old boy.

In response to Rapp's story, Spacey said he was "beyond horrified" as he did not remember the incident. He added that if it did happen as described, he was "deeply sorry".

Other actors and filmmakers have come forward, and London's Metropolitan Police are investigating at least one alleged incident following a complaint.

In response to the allegations, Netflix severed all its ties to Spacey, removing him from House of Cards entirely after initially announcing that its upcoming sixth season would be its last. Production on the show has currently been suspended and its future is a mystery.

Netflix also announced that it will no longer release Gore, a film in which Spacey plays Gore Vidal.

Kevin Spacey Christopher Plummer Jean Paul Getty
Kevin Spacey as Jean Paul Getty in All the Money in the World, and his replacement Christopher Plummer. Sony Pictures / Getty Images