North Korea will become a tourist hotspot for foreigners wanting a beach holiday, if Kim Jong-un gets his way.

Announced yesterday (25 January) by Kim Jong-un's regime, the Kangwon province on North Korea's south east coast will become the new home of a "world level" beach resort. If that was not enticing enough, the Kangwon region is also used for North Korea's missile tests.

According to the government-run news agency KCNA: "When the tourist area is built, it will satisfy the demand of domestic and foreign tourists and will be the most ideal place to link various destinations to the Wonsan-Mt Kumgang international tourist zone."

The announcement comes just weeks before South Korea will hold the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang County. Kim Jong-un is reportedly ready for the influx of tourists in the region and is even sending undercover spies south of the border to watch over North Korean competitors.

Around 400 people are expected to travel, including 200 cheerleaders and 140 musicians. This leaves the remainder comprised of competitors (22), coaches (24) and media personnel (21). There will also be medical staff sent across.

Many of the undercover spies will likely be cheerleaders in Kim Jong-un's "Army of Beauties". Their main task at the games will be to limit athlete interaction with "foreign influencers". Kim Jong-un is fearful North Koreans will use the Winter Olympic Games as a chance to defect to the South.

On Thursday (25 January), North Korea expressed a desire to reunify the peninsula. It said that Pyongyang would "smash" any obstacles to reunification of North and South Korea and called for a "breakthrough" in ties without the reliance on foreign powers.

It appears to be the latest move in an apparent rapprochement after North and South Korea agreed to march under the Unification Flag at the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in February.

North Korea's news agency said that all Koreans at home and abroad should work to "promote contact (and) cooperation between North and South Korea", the agency said according to Reuters.