Amidst rumours and speculations American reality star Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye West, a "love bite" has been spotted near her neck, which has given rise to new conclusions.

The star was caught spending the night with Kanye a few days ago and the couple was also seen shopping in New York the next day. The next report talked about Kim coming to the UK to spend time with Kanye.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports: "The socialite was sporting a rather suspicious-looking red mark on her neck yesterday. The blotch has prompted speculation it's a love bite from her new man... or perhaps it's just a sign of her psoriasis. As the reality star arrived for dinner at the Cafeteria restaurant in Manhattan's Chelsea district on Thursday, the red mark was clear on the left of her neck."

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The couple reportedly started dating after Kanye's album "Theraflu" was leaked online. Apparently, the singer expresses his love for Kardashian in the lyrics to one of the songs. The Daily Mail also said: "earlier this year Amber Rose, who is now engaged to rapper Wiz Khalifa, claimed that Kim was the reason she and Kanye broke up".

However, neither Kim nor Kanye have spoken out publicly about their relationship, except to say they are just "friends".

"Kanye and I have been friends for years and you never know what the future will hold," Kim said, in a Sun report.

Meanwhile, as this hype generates buzz, a Wall Street Journal blog has gone to the extent of saying the whole "Kim-Kanye" episode could be the result of a marketing spree for both.

"Both Kanye and Kim have met many people throughout their lives. Most people who date Kim Kardashian or Kanye West become instantly famous. We know that if Kim and Kanye are dating, they may become more famous, but they won't make each other famous. They won't make each other rich. Kim who is still making so much money being Kim, is not looking at Kanye's money as a reason to date we know Kanye aint' saying she's a gold-digger! They are both on a journey to quiet the noise and hopefully this is it," music mogul Russell Simmons wrote for the WSJ blog.