King Charles III vists the Royal Courts of Justice
King Charles III pictured here during his visit to the Royal Courts of Justice in Westminster on Dec. 14, 2023. Photo: The Royal Family/X The Royal Family/X

King Charles III paid a visit to London's High Court on Thursday, December 14, a day before the outcome of Prince Harry's privacy case against a tabloid news publisher.

His Majesty arrived in the afternoon and toured the Royal Courts of Justice to celebrate the work of the judiciary. During his visit, he unveiled a plaque commemorating his visit. He also walked in on students from Ashcroft Technology College in Putney, South-West London, who were participating in a mock trial organised by the Young Citizens charity.

The monarch joked "I'm so sorry to interrupt" before he chatted to the students. The Lady Chief Justice of England and Wales, Baroness Carr of Walton-on-the-Hill, who hosted the King, then showed him around the building and introduced him to members of the judiciary.

King Charles III likewise viewed an exhibition in the Great Hall of women pioneering judges and learned about the work of voluntary magistrates. He then joined a reception of magistrates and judges in the Painted Room located within the Royal Courts of Justice and thanked them for their hard work.

He said as quoted by The Telegraph's royal corresponded Victoria Ward: "What would we do without you...Thank you all enormously for the amount of effort you put into maintaining the system of justice that so many others seem to be envious of, I've discovered going around the world."

His Majesty added: "So I cannot thank you enough, particularly the magistrates, the extraordinary work they do, somehow putting in these onerous duties on top of everything else — it is truly remarkable, and a wonderful system."

He also imparted some holiday cheer as he concluded his message: "And finally, can I just wish you a very happy and I hope relatively peaceful Christmas and I hope you get a moment or two before you have to rush back and administer justice on our behalf."

Her Honour Judge Usha Karu, Resident Judge of Inner London Crown Court, said the King also asked if they have enough judges and she told him that they need more. District Judge Zoe Passfield likewise shared that the monarch had been interested in efforts to prevent reoffending.

She shared: "He was asking about when defendants come back to court and the work undertaken to stop them going back to their old associates. He said that was part of the world he was [working with] at the King's Trust."

King Charles III's visit comes a day before London's High Court gives its verdict on Prince Harry's privacy case against Mirror Group Newspapers. The Duke of Sussex has sued the publisher for damages, alleging the use of illegal gathering information by its journalists, including hacking and blagging, from the period of 1991 to 2011.