Darren Fletcher kitted out in KKK costume
Darren Fletcher kitted out in KKK costume Facebook

An extremist who dressed up in Ku Klux Klan (KKK) garb and called for a local newspaper's office to be blown up has been jailed for eight months for "flagrantly" breaching the terms of an Asbo preventing him from spreading racial hatred.

Far-right fanatic Darren Fletcher, 25, made the threat on Facebook. He was also responsible for anti-Semitic rants and even called upon terror group Islamic State to attack police officers.

Lashing out at the Wolverhampton Express and Star on the social media website, Fletcher wrote: "Express & Star. The worst. The **** they wrote about me is unforgivable. Their head office needs bombing."

The fork-lift truck driver, who suffers from autism, was previously jailed for 12 months and slapped with an Asbo to curb his racist and offensive posts published under the user name "Whitest Knight".

He previously published a YouTube video of him wearing KKK garb and dancing while holding a golly-wog in a noose.

Lawyers for Fletcher claimed he posted extreme material in a bid to win approval from fellow web users with similar views.

"He was preaching to the choir and expecting nods of agreement from his audience. This was not aimed at causing widespread offence," said Nicholas Towers, defending.

Jailing him at Wolverhampton Crown Court for eight months, Judge John Warner said the most recent comments "flagrantly disregarded" the terms of the Asbo, reported the Express and Star.

He said: "No doubt, you hope to be regarded as a martyr to your cause, but this punishment has nothing to do with preventing you from holding extremist views."