American actress Kristen Stewart believes Robert Pattinson is her soul mate. The stars of the Twilight series of films, Pattinson and Stewart were once the poster couple of young Hollywood, combining wealth and glamour... a rise to fame aided by the phenomenal success of the film franchise based on Stephenie Meyer's books of the same name.

Unfortunately for fans of the films (and the couple), Kristen Stewart was found cheating on Robert Pattinson, with Rupert Sanders, the British director of her film Snow White and the Huntsman. And after a period of intense media speculation, the pair re-united.

It now appears the 22-year-old actress thinks of the 26-year-old Pattinson as her soul mate.

A source told Stewart thinks "Rob is the one" and she does not want to break his heart ever again. The source further said Stewart has vowed she will stay with Pattinson, despite reports of occasional break-ups between the stars.

According to Hollywood Life, a friend of the actress said: "Kristen has absolutely no plans on breaking up with Rob. Why would she? She wants to keep their relationship going and will do whatever it takes. She knows what she did to Rob was wrong and is the last one to judge him for what he may have or have not done. Rob is Kristen's best friend and according to her, he is her soul mate."

"Even if Rob did fool around with another person, this wouldn't make Kristen want to end things. You don't just break up with someone that easily. She's in this relationship for the long run," the source continued, referring to reports Pattinson had a brief fling with an unidentified woman while working things out with Stewart.

Incidentally, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson spent Valentine's Day apart; he was shooting in Australia and she was at home in Los Angeles. And according to E! Online, the seperation was only because Pattinson was on a tight schedule. A source said Stewart was "smart enough to know that if she goes to visit it will bring too much unwanted attention to the film".