Prince Harry does not like the depiction of his mother Princess Diana in "Spencer" and wants to avoid a run-in with the film's star Kristen Stewart if possible.

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in California, chances are high that they will get invites to award shows, just like the Academy Awards. A source claimed that they "have been invited to all the big events and planned on attending the Oscars too."

However, the 37-year-old royal does not want to meet Stewart at the ceremony. She will reportedly be at the event too because she is up for a Best Actress nomination for her portrayal of the late Princess of Wales. Prince Harry wants to avoid a chance encounter with her because of "Spencer." The film "struck a sour note" with him and that "he's pretty appalled by the film."

Meghan Markle "figures they can just ignore Kristen or be briefly polite," the source told OK! magazine. But her husband is "not one to be fake and his nerves are still raw." The insider claimed, "He's actually thinking about skipping the Oscars, but Meghan really wants back into the Hollywood scene."

"Spencer" centres on three fictional days spent at Sandringham over the Christmas holidays in 1991. It tells of the breakdown of Princess Diana's marriage with Prince Charles. Stewart had called the film's storyline "one of the saddest stories to exist ever."

The actress received praise for her portrayal of the late royal. But the film itself received criticism because it focused on the dark side of the princess' story. Friends of Princess Diana said they were "horrified" to see how she was being portrayed.

"Spencer" had scenes of bulimia and of self-harm, which royal biographer Ingrid Seward contradicted. She said the princess "wasn't speaking to Charles, but she wasn't cutting herself at that stage." She claimed the film "piled every bad thing into one weekend which is taking poetic licence a little far." Even Princess Diana's former voice and presence coach Stewart Pearce said Stewart was uncomfortable to watch because she lacked the "flow and grace" to portray the late royal. Prince Harry and Prince William have yet to share their thoughts on the film nor have they confirmed even watching it.

Kristen Stewart
There was immediate awards buzz around Kristen Stewart for her role as Princess Diana in "Spencer". Photo: AFP / Filippo MONTEFORTE AFP / Filippo MONTEFORTE