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This year pop superstar Lady Gaga was celebrated not only for her music but also for her eccentric style, which grabbed the attention of the fashion world.

Her striking outfits have graced the pages of countless fashion magazines across the globe over the course of the past year and she even made it onto Vanity Fair's 2011 Best Dressed List.

Whether she adorns herself in an outrageous meat dress, a voluminous Chanel gown or an item of towering headgear, her bold ideas keep her on the cutting edge and being talked about.

Working with a league of stylist and designers called Haus of Gaga, the 25-year-old Italian-American star went to great lengths to ensure that her wardrobe remained as over the top as her stage performances.

Here we look back at just a few of Lady Gaga's wackiest outfits from 2011. Enjoy!