I'm A Celebrity 2016
Larry lamb is already being hailed the jungle hero after coming to Scarlett Moffatt's rescue ITV/I'm A Celebrity

A new group of celebrities have ventured into the Australian outback to face their fears as the latest series of I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! kicked off on Sunday night (13 November).

The camp mates, comprised of the prerequisite list of soap stars, TV personalities, bikini-wearing models and relative unknowns, prepared to face the dreaded Bushtucker Trials, tasks and risk potential humiliation while hosts Ant and Dec join the nation in gloating at their suffering.

Ola Jordan, Wayne Bridge, Carol Vorderman, Larry Lamb, Scarlett Moffatt, Jordan Banjo, Joel Dommett, Sam Quek, Lisa Snowdon and Adam Thomas were revealed as the unwitting suspects who will be camp mates for the next three weeks.

Former Countdown presenter and maths whizz Carol Vorderman lead the way, describing herself as "hardcore" as she prepared to test her mettle in the jungle. And it wasn't long before she had the chance to prove herself.

Barely after making their first introductions, the camp mates were set their first challenge as they were split up into pairs, each having to save the other from the prospect of facing the first bushtucker trial.

"Whoever you pick will face a 'Saviours Challenge' to try and save you from that first Bushtucker Trial – so choose wisely," warned Dec.

Vorderman stepped up as the first batch of camp mates – Jordan Banjo, Joel Dommett and Adam Thomas - were set the task of walking to the edge of long plank suspended off a sky scraper at 344 ft, where they were required to stand motionless for 60 seconds.

Demonstrating nerves of steel they each took their turn to successfully complete the task with Vorderman coming the closest to the 60 second mark, at 61 seconds and saving her partner model Lisa Snowden from the next trial.

"If I hadn't got near 60 seconds that would have been very embarrassing," she said, clearly relieved.

The second batch of camp mates also had to face their fear of heights as they took turns to leap out of a helicopter to land into the camp. Successfully making the leap Snowden said: "It's a brilliant way to start off this experience."

Googlebox star and favourite to win the show Scarlett Moffat had second thoughts about her attire. "I'm really regretting this choice of outfit," she said as she struggled to cross a lake in a canoe. "Its not like a pedalo this," she exclaimed calling on teammate actor Larry Lamb to rescue her.

Giving David Hasslehoff a run for his money, Lamb, 69, brought the reality TV star back to dry land. "He's not your average 70-year-old ," said Scarlett, "he's superhuman."

" You have to look out for your team-mate," said the unassuming actor. "Tomorrow I might need her to save my bacon."

While the distinguished star played down his chivalrous act, Twitterverse was full of praise for him. " "Larry Lamb in his pants saving Scarlett. That's why this show is top telly," commented one viewer. "This is exactly what 2016 needed" said another.

Lamb's Eastenders cast mate Rita Simmons added her support saying : "Already showing the world what a true gent my TV dad is. Go on Larry!"

After their first intrepid adventure the camp mates finally made it into camp. "Camp is beautiful. IIts exhilarating being here," said Vorderman, as she lit the first camp fire.

Less than inspiring, however were the camp food rations. " I'll just think of it as a detox or I'll cry," said Moffat. She was also unimpressed by the toilet arrangements. "There's no flush. We're just p**ing in a hole in the ground."

If they thought that was bad, Ant and Dec had another shock in store as they revealed that the first Bushtucker trial dubbed Tomb of Torture, will feature the most jungle critters ever in an on trial in the history of the show.

If the first episode is anything to go by, this year's I'm A Celebrity looks set to be the toughest yet. Fortunately though, it seems the new batch of camp mates are too.