Thieves stole 30,000 condoms and dozens of sex toys from a Las Vegas warehouse during two raids carried out within 24-hours over the Memorial Day weekend.

Swedish adult product manufacturer LELO released CCTV footage that they say shows the culprits taking criminal advantage of the warehouse being closed for the holidays.

The first robbery took place at around 7.45pm on Friday May 26th.

Two men enter the warehouse through the back gate and help themselves to two large boxes reportedly containing over 15,000 Lelo Hex condoms each.

The exact retail value of the haul is hard to determine because they were individually wrapped, but large packs normally sell at around a dollar per condom.

"The dumbest part of this?" LELO said in blog post. "In a few days, we're about to give away thousands of Hex condoms for free anyway.

"They could have just waited and asked for them like everyone else."

But that wasn't the end of the episode.

The following morning at around 10.30 a car rammed into the door of the warehouse's loading bay.

This time the perpetrators helped themselves to a higher-priced assortment of goods. Specifically, 33 butt plugs, 48 kegel exercisers and a third box of sex toys that LELO have not detailed.

These items would be expected to retail at around $200 each bringing the total value of the dirty weekend to around $40,000.

"We suppose one thing is true: these slippery crims can happily go f*ck themselves," LELO said in a statement.

They added:"If you have any information that could help identify the criminals or lead to a safe return of the stolen goods, please contact the Las Vegas Police Department and we will donate the full retail value of the stolen goods to a charity of your choice."

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