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The homophobic leaflet has been condemned by LGBT groups iStock

Police in Northern Ireland have launched an investigation after leaflets claiming homosexuals have the "longest child abuse record in history" were distributed in Derry. The pamphlet also made the claim that Adolf Hitler used his "homosexual formation" the SS to "commit almost the whole Holocaust".

Northern Ireland LGBT rights group The Rainbow Project said it was made aware of the "homophobic and incendiary" material after it was handed out in the city by a local man who later fled from police.

The letter also makes a series of other claims, including Hitler was "7:1 homosexual", the recent referendum on gay marriage in Ireland had a spend ration of 150:1 in favour of "the homosexual side" and gay people take drugs for the body and mind as "the human body was not designed for homosexuality".

The letter is signed off under the name John Clerkin of Dublin, although the author of the letter has not been confirmed.

Rainbow Project
The leaflet reportedly handed out in Derry Rainbow Project

Director of The Rainbow Project John O'Doherty said: "These smears and outright lies about LGBT people, and particularly gay men, have long been peddled by the opponents of our community. Although these claims may appear outlandish, there will be nothing new about them to LGBT people, many of whom have constantly been made to feel that they represent the worst and most depraved aspects of humanity.

"These lies find succour in a society which, although slowly edging towards equality for LGBT people, still contains pervasive and damaging homophobic and transphobic attitudes.

"I was proud to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day last week to highlight the persecution of LGBT people by the Nazi state and to remember the up to 50,000 gay men who were brutally murdered in Nazi death camps. We also painfully remember that after the so-called liberation of the camps, many gay men were immediately imprisoned for the crime of being gay.

"There is no place in this society for those who would scapegoat LGBT people for the failings of others and who would peddle the myth that LGBT people are a threat to children. I want to personally thank the resident for having the courage to report this liar to the police and also to thank the police for accurately recording this as a hate incident."

A PSNI spokesperson said: "The matter has been reported to police and enquiries are ongoing."