six men jail
John Mark Speir (top left), David Wayne Frazieris (top row, middle), John Thomas Shehee (top right), Steven Edward Lewis (bottom left), Eric S Click (bottom row, middle) and Harce Wade Allan (bottom right) escape from the Cocke County Jail in Tennessee. Cocke County Sheriff’s Office

Leaky pipes and rusted bolts were responsible for a Christmas Day jailbreak, it has been revealed.

According to the Cocke County Sheriff's Office, six men from the Cocke County Jail in Tennessee discovered a loose toilet, which had caused water to overflow.

That caused the bolts attaching the toilet to the wall to be "rusted out" which allowed the men to rip away the toilet seat.

According to a statement from Cocke County Sheriff's Office, seen by the Knoxville News Sentinel, previous plumbing attempts had also weakened the structure.

The men then shimmied through a "hole which led outside of the facility", the statement said.

The six men to escape were:

- John Mark Speir, 38 (top left)

- John Thomas Shehee, 28 (top right)

- Harce Wade Allan, 28 (bottom right)

- Steven Edward Lewis, 37 (bottom left)

- Eric S Click, 29 (bottom row, middle)

- David Wayne Frazieris, 54 (top row, middle)

The men are believed to have escaped at 1.30am on Sunday (25 December), however two of the men were tracked down the same day.

According to police, Speir was captured "at a residence in the Cosby community," whereas Lewis "was captured after a foot chase by officers in the Carson Springs community".

The whereabouts of the other four men are unknown and Cocke County Sheriff's Office is appealing for information to help find them.

Shehee was facing criminal charges for arson, criminal trespassing and property theft under $500. Allen was serving a 45-day jail sentence for violating his probation.

Click was in jail awaiting trial for evading arrest, possession of schedule II substance, driving while suspended, violating probation and joy riding.

Frazier, who is considered to be dangerous, was in jail awaiting trial for aggravated robbery and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.