A learner driver who ploughed through a police cordon was high on drugs at the time, Surrey Police say, adding that the instructor supervising him was also more than three times over the drink drive limit.

Officers dealing with an accident on a country lane in Worplesdon, Surrey were stunned when a vehicle adorned with L-plates careered through tape police used to close the road.

Responding to the incident, officers said they requested the learner take a drugs test, which he failed. It has not been revealed what drugs the driver had consumed before the incident on Tuesday (29 December).

Incredibly the man acting as the learner driver's instructor was also intoxicated at the time of the incident. When police breathalysed him, they found him to be over three times the legal drink drive limit – a crime that legally is comparable with drink-driving itself.

Bizarrely the incident the officers were already attending was also drink-drive related. They were called to reports of an overturned van on the country lane, where there was no sign of the driver.

They were able to trace's the van driver's address and discovered him already at home two-and-a-half miles away, where he was breathalysed and found to be twice the legal drink-drive limit. The man had allegedly told his wife that the crash was caused by him swerving to miss a deer in the road.

Writing on Twitter about the learner driver incident, the Surrey Police Roads Unit said: "Whilst dealing with the previous drink-driver collision, a learner driver drove through the road closure." They added: "The driver has provided a positive drugs test and has been arrested. The supervising driver has provided a breath sample 3.5-times the limit."

Speaking to MailOnline, a Surrey Police spokesman said that both the two men in the learner car had been arrested and taken into custody. It remained unclear whether the van driver had been charged with an offence, although he is said to have also been taken into custody.

The man supervising the learner driver is said to have been reported for being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle, while the learner driver himself is on bail pending blood test results. "If supervising a provisional licence holder, the drink/drug drive laws still apply," the spokesman said.