The Legend of Korra Season 4 is towards its final journey and the Avatar is getting back to form, to fight the new villain Kuvira.

In episode 7 'Reunion' Korra returned to Republic City and met her old friend Mako and Asami after three and a half years.

The episode was vital mostly because of the reunion of the team Avatar and their dramatic chase to save Prince Wu from Kuvira's supporters.

Realising the power of the successor of Aang, Kuvira is planning something vicious to increase her chances of winning the Earth Empire.

She is eyeing to get the stronger source or spirit vine for her deadly weapon experiments and for that reason will try to harvest the great Banyan Grove tree.

But this will not make Toph happy and the latest villain of Nick's super hit animated series will have to bear the burnt of an angry blind Toph.

The blind friend of Avatar Aang played an important role in reviving Korra's confidence and it will be interesting to see how the brave Avatar will save the ancient tree standing in the middle of the swamp.

Kuvira will have to face the terrific trio of Korra, Mako and Asami in order to achieve her goal. But the fan favourite series has just reached mid season and it is possible that new antagonist will get an upper hand in the battle now.

The Legend of Korra Season 4 episode 8 will start streaming on on 21 November.