Financial distributed ledger company Symbiont has appointed renowned cryptographer Dr Lisa Yin as its chief security officer and chief cryptographer. In her new role, Dr Yin will lead the development of advanced security and privacy solutions of Symbiont's platform.

Dr Yin said in a statement: "The Symbiont team has already solved hard problems that give its platform a competitive edge in terms of both security and performance. I am very excited to join the team, and I look forward to keeping Symbiont ahead of the curve on developments in cryptography, which is a critical building block for distributed ledger technology."

Dr Yin has over twenty years of experience in research, implementation, consulting and standardisation of security technologies, and is a well-known expert in the cryptography community. She was one of three researchers who broke SHA-1, the US Government hash standard.

She served as chief editor of IEEE P1363, the first comprehensive standard for public key cryptography, which became the foundation for major cryptography standards used today. She received her PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Adam Krellenstein, CTO and co-founder of Symbiont, said: "Cryptography and computer security are extremely fast-moving fields, so it is imperative to be able to take full advantage of the latest developments, to anticipate and proactively address new forms of attacks. Lisa's deep knowledge in cryptography and her broad connections to the research community and the industry will allow us to leverage a wide spectrum of expertise in the fields."

Symbiont is providing the technology for a complex multi-party distributed ledger pilot project for syndicated loans, which incorporates strict privacy requirements to keep information confidential among parties sharing data on-ledger. Credit Suisse announced completion of milestones in the project in September, which involves 15 financial institutions and includes Symbiont's joint venture partner, Ipreo, and R3.