Foldable smartphones have recently turned into a new niche in the tech industry. Despite analysts being sceptical about the technology in its present state, more models seem to be in development as we speak. This is new territory and most brands are still on equal footing when it comes to innovation. The Royole FlexPai might have been the world's first, but the Samsung Galaxy Fold quickly upstaged the competition. Now, all eyes are on Motorola with the new Razr. With Huawei recently launching the Mate X, patent application documents are hinting that LG is working on a folding handset of its own.

Among the first few tech companies to showcase flexible display technology was Samsung and LG. Hence, it comes as a big surprise for analysts that the latter has yet to announce a foldable device of its own. A new report from GizChina suggests that one might be coming soon. The design patent application was reportedly submitted to The Hague International Design System earlier this year. LetsGoDigital, a Dutch tech blog, is credited for the discovery.

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Images supplied by the source shows that the South Korean consumer electronics outfit might be taking some design cues from the Mate X. Samsung and Motorola's approach is to have the display fold in. LG, on the other hand, is emulating the Chinese brand and allowing the display to flex outward. While Huawei's model appears to be housing the components within each segment of the folding frame, the unnamed concept will likely use a different approach.

The main part of the display is affixed to a slim body -- possibly housing all the components -- alongside a triple camera module on a thick bezel on the left. The extended section of the flexible screen then uses a hinge mechanism to fold and wrap around the back.

Since LG has yet to reveal any of the specifications and functions, sources are just analysing how it would probably operate. With the great feedback Motorola has been getting with its upcoming folder. Other manufacturers might consider developing a clamshell model as well. In fact, one report recalls that in a recent presentation, Samsung demonstrated a foldable smartphone similar to the new Razr.

LG patent showing software buttons
Software buttons will appear depending on the configuration of the display Korean Intellectual Property Office