Foldable smartphones are apparently the next big thing as the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have developed models that use flexible displays. One South Korean brand has been noticeably absent from the smartphone scene these days, but it is attempting to come up with innovative ideas of its own. Despite the unique functionality folding handsets offer, the screens are still quite fragile. LG initially went with a dual-display solution, but a new patent application teases a foldable OLED case.

Unlike its first attempt at a folding display accessory, the manufacturer is finally using a flexible OLED panel for its new product. The previous models that were compatible with the dual-screen configuration were the V50 and G8X. The images supplied with the documentation shows an advanced smartphone case that can be connected in two ways.

The illustration shows that the foldable OLED case will connect to an undisclosed mobile phone model via a magnetic connector. It was not specified, but it looks like a proprietary pogo pin interface akin to that of the Microsoft Type Cover for the Surface Pro series. Moreover, the handset indicated in the patent application appears to have two connectors on each side of the frame. This suggests that the flexible display panel can be connected according to the user's preference.

#LG is considering manufacturing a protective case with a foldable OLED screen. #Flexible #smartphone #display #cover

— Nishant Pathak (@NishantBareilly) December 30, 2019

Meanwhile, it seems that it can be connected in two ways. The first can turn it into a regular folio case which expands the handset's display area and can close to cover the main display. The other allows the user to turn it into a separate display, which likely wraps around the device akin to the Huawei Mate X. Android Central points out that this makes it convenient for the owner to replace the accessory if it gets damaged.

It should be noted that not all patent applications make it to production. Hence, LG might have other plans later. The first Dual-Screen add-on did not exactly become a big factor to convince consumers to buy one. Hopefully, the Flexible OLED smartphone case will make it into production in 2020. Another Android smartphone that natively uses a dual-display setup is the upcoming Surface Duo from Microsoft.

LG Smartphone Display Panel (Courtesy:
LG Smartphone Display Panel (Courtesy: