Lily Allen has sparked a new controversy on Twitter with the pop singer being criticised for her latest suggestion to ban children from playing football.

The 32-year-old came under fire on the social media platform by wading into the debate around preventing children from being sexually abused.

She shared a link to footballer Andy Woodward's story where he speaks out about the abuse he suffered.

She wrote alongside it: "To be honest I think it's time we talked about banning sports in this country. #banfootball"

Allen made the comment after one Twitter user wrote: "I'm quite tired of people who think rape or sexual assault is just this special evil problem that only Muslim blokes do to us poor Westerners, when it's a problem in pretty much every society thanks to toxic masculinity."

Some of her nearly six million followers found the remark unjustifiable, with one person replying: "That's like saying we should ban TV because of Jimmy Savile".

While someone else said: "Banning sports, bit extreme Lily.... I presume you're wearing your silly head this morning!"

A third added: "Give it a rest Lily! Maybe we should banned DJ(music) films(directors) OAP (homes) religion(priests) schools(teachers) if you made sense I'd agree but you don't so I won't!"

Others believed she was being sarcastic, with another user writing: "Thank God for sarcasm. God bless all the people who can't detect it - Twitter warriors out in full force today."

As someone else put: "This tweet is too clever for twitter Lily. They'll all miss the point and you'll eat abuse!"

Allen prompted further debate by tweeting about serial rapist John Worboys today.

She launched a Twitter tirade about the sex offender – who is set to be released from prison later this month – stating: "Our justice system doesn't work, especially not for women and minorities."

She continued: "Everyone getting riled up on behalf of Muslim rape victims in my timeline should also be appalled about John Worboys release from jail. He is known for being a serial rapist yet the police and CPS."

Another tweet read: "Only managed to convict him of ONE count of rape.

"If you care about rape victims, direct your anger at this awful awful govt today and this apparent miscarriage of justice."

While some followers accused her of "trivialising rape" and "trying to stay relevant", she received some support from the public, with one person telling her: "I think you actively voicing your opinion does more good than any of those who try to discourage others to do the same. So keep doing your thing."

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