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Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards dished on Brandi Glanville's exit from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and shared filming updates.

Brandi recently claimed she left the show on her own accord, but her former co-stars have a different story. According to TMZ, Lisa and Kyle, who are best friends again, were caught leaving Villa Blanca. When asked if Brandi was being honest about quitting the show, Kyle replied, "Truth cannon my ass!"

Lisa added, "Croc of poo, I do wish her well, but that's a croc of poo."

According to insiders it was Lisa who had major issues with Brandi, and didn't want to film another season with her, which put a lot of pressure on Bravo to cut Glanville out of the show.

Vanderpump, however, denies this accusation. "It's not our decision, we've got nothing to do with it," she told TMZ. "I wish I had that power!" she added.

Housewives have officially started filming for RHOBH season 6. Kyle posted a photo of her and Lisa with a RHOBH cameraman, proving she's back. She captioned the picture: "BAM!"

BAM! ?

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Lisa also shared the photo on Twitter, with her own caption, "Boom! ...No 6."

Previously, Brandi Glanville confirmed her departure from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills in the Straight Talk with Ross Mathews show.

When asked if she is coming back to RHOBH, Brandi said, "They haven't picked up anyone yet. Every year they wait until the last minute – and they ask certain people back and certain people not back, or everyone back and not everyone back. They wait. I think they do it partly as a negotiation so nobody will ask for more money."

The talk show host also played a game, where Brandi had to say the first word that came to her mind about the following stars.

For Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi replied, "English." Yolanda Foster – "Sick." Kyle Richards – "Bitch." Lisa Rinna – "Crazy."

Ross also asked her if she really thought Lisa Rinna is crazy, to which Brandi replied, "I do. I like her, but she's crazier than all of us put together. And it will soon show."