Kyle Richards has opened up about some "big changes" in the offing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6.

Richards told Access Hollywood, "I'm not really allowed to say right now but there's some big changes I can't say too much unfortunately."

"I'm glad we had our little break because that [season 5] was a really intense season so I was very happy for the break and yeah, kind of looking forward to some changes."

The "changes" that Kyle is referring to, could well be that of the exit of Brandi Glanville from the show.

Brandi Granville was reportedly dropped from the show's upcoming season because of her erratic behaviour with other cast members. Moreover, it is no secret that Kyle and Brandi never got along well during season 5, so it is likely that Kyle is looking forward to filming for the reality TV show without her nemesis.

Kyle further spoke about rumours suggesting that Kathy Hilton (Kyle's half sister) could be in talks with regards to joining the Bravo series.

The 46-year-old star said, "No, that's a rumor! The lies are crazy! I heard my sister's joining. I heard that I was fired, begging for my job. I heard somebody else is joining. All lies. Not true."

"You'll know soon, very soon...Every time I'm like what is this? Where does this come from? You know where there's smoke there's fire? There's no smoke even, there's nothing. I don't know where they come up with these things," she added.

Speaking about her sister Kim, who checked into rehab last month, Kyle said: "She's doing better. You know, she's taking care of herself and doing what she needs to do to get healthy."