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Some critics said it would never happen, some fans prayed it would never happen but guess what guys it's happened.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially married. The couple said 'I do' in Italy at the 16th century Belvedere Fort in the city of Florence in front of their family and celebrity friends decked out in Givenchy oufits.

The wedding looked extravagant and is said to have cost millions. But what else did we expect from the reality TV queen and the self-proclaimed king of hip hop?

Here's hoping its third time lucky because we don't think we can handle another Kim Kardashian wedding.

And over in Hollywood, Emma Watson is celebrating her own milestone after graduating from Brown University with a degree in English Literature.

The Harry Potter star's achievement comes months after she revealed that she had given up acting roles to focus on her education.

You may remember that the 24-year-old started studying at the Ivy League university back in 2009 and along the way she spent time studying at Oxford University while balancing her film career.

Her most famous role may be playing a wizard but it looks like she still has the magic touch!

And in the world of music, US rapper Wiz Khalifa spent time behind bars this weekend for marijuana possession.

The black and yellow hitmaker, who may just love weed more than Snoop dogg, was arrested at a Texas airport after police allegedly found he was carrying five grams of marijuana.

But the hip hop star didn't seem too phased by the run in with cops and even found time to take a selfie while in jail.