Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has admitted he expects more players to leave Anfield before the end of the transfer window. The German boss has already sold the likes of Joe Allen, Jordon Ibe, Martin Skrtel and Kolo Toure this summer, but Klopp expects more outgoings in the coming weeks.

The coach conceded his Liverpool squad is a work in progress and warned fans to braces themselves for more transfer activity. "We will see, the development of a team never ends," Klopp said, according to ESPN. "I don't think we'll have a lot, but I think we will have some changes on the outgoing side."

Klopp revealed his determination to ensure that his new-look Liverpool squad is jam-packed with players who are capable of making an impact in the Premier League.

"What I can say, though, is that everybody who is in this squad after 31 August will have a big influence on this club," the Liverpool boss shared. "And if we win something, it will be because of the group. Everybody who gives 100% will play. Maybe not every week, but very often."

Klopp also said he should be the person who accepts the responsibility for the success or failure any transfer decisions. He said that in spite of Liverpool's perseverance with a transfer committee, the buck ultimately stops with the manager.

"I don't think it makes sense to give one person all the power," the Liverpool boss explained. "And not just in football. That's why we live in a democracy… hopefully, it stays like this. It makes sense to put all the skills you have in the club to help you reach the best decision. It's how I'm used to working."

But Klopp added: "It would be very easy for me to sit here and if someone is not satisfied with a transfer, say, 'Sorry, but it was this guy [who wanted him].' I sit in the chair and I need to make decisions."