Manchester United held Liverpool to a 0-0 draw at Anfield
Manchester United held Liverpool to a 0-0 draw at Anfield AFP News

Liverpool FC has condemned the actions of some of its own fans after the Manchester United team bus sustained damage following an attack while on its way to Anfield on Sunday. Luckily, no one was reported injured from the incident. The two teams later played a Premier League match which eventually ended in a goalless draw.

A video circulating on social media shows a group of Liverpool fans chanting as the United coach approached. Then, one of the men was seen holing up a dark glass bottle. Someone shouted "go" before the man threw the bottle, which struck one of the windows of the bus. Fortunately, despite sustaining damage, the window did not shatter completely, keeping those inside safe.

The club later released a statement condemning the incident and confirming that an investigation has been launched to confirm the identities of the people in the video. They also warned that those found guilty of the attack will be facing serious repercussions.

The statement read: "Liverpool Football Club utterly condemns the actions that led to damage being caused to the Manchester United team bus during its arrival at Anfield this afternoon. We are aware of footage of the incident circulating online and are working with Merseyside Police to fully investigate and identify those responsible.

"Any individuals found guilty of this reprehensible behaviour will also face the full force of the club's sanction process."

It is unclear if the people in the video have already been identified and if they will be facing criminal charges apart from the club's own sanctions.

History of violent behaviour by Liverpool fans

Unfortunately, this "reprehensible" incident is not isolated. Back in 2018, Manchester City had a similar experience while they were also travelling to Anfield. Pep Guardiola's side was on the way to face the Reds in a UEFA Champions League quarter-final tie when their bus was pelted with various missiles from local fans.

Despite the fact that no players nor staff were injured in the attack, at least two police officers were hurt. The coach also sustained enough damage such that it became unsafe to use.

Merseyside match commander Superintendent Paul White said at that time: "The officers and stewards are there to protect the public and keep them safe. It is disappointing to see that a number of people behaved in this appalling way."

Guardiola was livid, but admitted that the acts of violence are perpetrated only by a select few. However, he said that he did not expect fans of "a prestigious club like Liverpool" to do such a thing.

Liverpool later apologised to Guardiola and Manchester City, calling the incident "completely unacceptable". Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard said that while they encourage the fans to make the atmosphere "hostile" for the competition, some individuals go over the line and resort to violence.

Meanwhile, it seems that some Manchester City fans took the matter into their own hands. In April 2023, the Liverpool team bus ended up at the receiving end of a similar attack as it was leaving the Etihad Stadium.

Back on the pitch, Liverpool entered the match as overwhelming favourites after their 7-0 thrashing of the Red Devils last season. However, the United defence was ready for them this time around, with social media bursting with memes about "parking the bus".

Liverpool dominated possession by almost 70%, but the visitors held them at bay. However they were barely able to launch an attack themselves. Manchester United were only able to make one shot on target as opposed to Liverpool's eight.

The draw puts Liverpool in second place, just one point behind leaders Arsenal. United meanwhile, are sitting all the way down at seventh place.