Ian Ayre
Ian Ayre has explained the transfer plans of the club Getty Images

Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre has insisted new manager Jurgen Klopp will have the final say over all transfers at Anfield. He pointed out other club members may be involved in negotiations or the scouting process but the main responsibility lies with the former Borussia Dortmund boss.

Ex-Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers came under a lot of scrunity for the players he brought to the club, especially after the large sum of money that was poorly spent during the summer of 2014 following Luis Suarez's departure to Barcelona. At the time and thereafter, some suggested the former Swansea boss was assisted by a transfer committee.

But earlier in October, when he was unveiled as new Liverpool manager, Klopp said he will have "the first and last word on transfers" but obviously would "need the other people to get the perfect information" and Ayre has agreed with that sentiment.

"Brendan had the final say on all the players we signed," the chief executive said, as quoted by Sky Sports. "There's only one person that has the final say over what players at Liverpool Football Club and that's Jurgen Klopp right now. That's always been the case for as long as I've been here.

"The words 'transfer committee' I think got used once and became this idea that we all sit round a table and have a vote on every player we sign. That couldn't be further from the truth."

According to Ayre, Klopp will identify names and the positions that need to be bolstered, and then the club will try to fulfil his wishes.

"The manager will say we are looking for somebody in this position and a bunch of people – a mix of traditional scouts and more recently analytical and digital-based information – bring all of that together as was always the case," he said. "Then we look at two, three, four players – the best players for that position – show them to the manager, and the manager can go watch or have the scouts go watch those players and narrow it down.

"At that point I'll become more involved and start talking to clubs, agents, players on a negotiations basis and then the manager will choose. That's never changed. I've been at the football club eight years. The committee, and we don't think of it as a committee, just the media do, is really a collaboration of all those people that all contribute to let the manager make that decision, and I think that's very smart."

Nevertheless, Ayre insists the manager will need assistance due to the hectic fixture schedule. He said: "Look at the last three months. We had a game every three days. When is the manager going to fly around the world and watch players? When is the manager going to negotiate with an agent?

"That's not the same as making the decision. The point is using smart processes and people, all of whom have all learnt at all manner of different football clubs and have great experience in the game. They are there to provide the manager with the best tools to make the best decision."