Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet has had a poor start to the season. Getty

Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet has claimed that being dropped from Brendan Rodger's starting line-up in December was "not easy" for him, but has eventually turned into a positive experience.

After a struggling start to the campaign, the Belgium international started to be under scrutiny and eventually lost his place in the XI ahead of Brad Jones during a brief period of the current season.

Rodgers dropped him during the 3-0 defeat against Manchester United earlier in December while the keeper also saw the following games against Bournemouth, Arsenal and Burnley from the bench.

But Jones's injury during the Boxing Day game against the Clarets handed him a chance to regain his place in the line-up and the keeper has eventually seized the opportunity to get back to his best between the Anfield sticks.

"I look back to it only in a positive way. That's what I did when it happened. I told myself I could do two things; let my head drop or work hard and come back stronger," Mignolet admitted to Liverpool official website.

"I am happy with how I reacted in that sense. I am happy I kept my head down and worked hard in training. I didn't speak to the outside world, I just kept doing what I can do."

Liverpool have not lost a Premier League game since Mignolet's return to the team at Turf Moour, securing six victories and three draws in the following nine games.

Mignolet has been crucial in the improvement, getting six clean-sheets during the good run.

The keeper says that even though he had a hard time his spell out of the team is eventually proving beneficial.

"It's something positive to look back on, it was a new experience. The older you get, the more experience you get and through these kind of situations, you only come back stronger and more positive.

"It wasn't easy, but the manager, the coaches, everyone at the ground and the players helped me with it, so it's big credit to them as well for giving me their support. They helped me out and made sure I could [get back into the team].

"I didn't only have my fiancé at the time, but also people who work at the ground [Melwood] - they always kept believing in me. Then it was up to me to do it on the pitch and change things."

Now Mingolet wants to move on and keep the momentum to avoid another difficult situation.

"We're very pleased with how things have turned around, but I am not one who wants to think about that. I am looking forward and I know that I have to keep doing what I am doing and playing how I am at the moment because things will otherwise be forgotten very quickly.

"That's how football goes - you're only remembered for your last performance. That's why I keep working hard in training and try to keep improving my game. Any stage of your career you can still improve and hard work will pay off in the end."