Liverpool terror suspect Mohammed Ammer Ali has been remanded in custody over an alleged ricin plot.

Mohammed Ammer Ali, 31, allegedly tried to obtain 500mg of the deadly poison inside a toy car and faces charges under the Criminal Attempts Act 1981 and the Chemical Weapons Act 1996.

He was arrested last week during a Merseyside terror raid at five addresses and was today remanded at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Ali is due to appear at the Old Bailey on 13 March.

Five premises, including a takeaway, at View Road in Rainhill, St Helens and Prescot Road and Holt Road in Kensington, Liverpool, were searched in the wake of Ali's arrest.

He is accused of paying the FBI $500 (£325) for five vials of lethal substance ricin which can prove fatal to humans even in small doses.

Police presence was heightened in the wake of his arrest but the North West Counter Terrorism Unit (NWCTU) reassured residents there was no threat.

A police statement said: "The NWCTU would like to make it clear that the businesses searched were done solely due to connections with the man arrested.

"It remains the case that at this time, officers have uncovered no plan or threat of an imminent attack either at home or abroad."