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Liverpool will stage talks in the coming days to determine the future of several of their young players prior to the closing of the Football League loan window.

Clubs from outside the Premier League are permitted to sign players on temporary loans up until 26 March and after the 2-1 Under-21 Premier League win over Merseyside rivals Everton, the club are considering the future of their starlets.

Jerome Sinclair, Jack Dunn, Harry Wilson, Kevin Stewart and Lloyd Jones are the Liverpool players who could move away from the club to bolster their first-team experience and Under-21 coach Michael Beale says manager Brendan Rodgers will make decisions before the loan window shuts.

"I think, yes, the window ends in the next 14 days and we've got a number of things, there's a nice little break now where we can sit down and talk about them," he told the Liverpool Echo after the Under-21 win.

"I'm sure Alex [Ingelthorpe, Liverpool academy director] will sit down with Brendan and make the correct decisions for the boys.

"Jack's [Dunn] been excellent, he's gone away in Cheltenham and was absolutely flying when he unfortunately got an injury there, and he's worked his way back, and the next step for Jack is to go and play League football.

"He got three or four goals in five games there, he's another player who's got a hell of a lot of options this week so you probably won't see him after this week maybe.

"You see tonight, I looked at the list of clubs who were coming to scout it, and there was a lot of people. There's a lot of players on both teams tonight that are really good.

"Everton have a boy in midfield [Liam] Walsh who I think is outstanding and the centre forward [David] Henen I think is interesting and the two centre-halves, Galloway and Browning, everyone knows who they are. Ledson showed he is top class on the goal.

"Everton have got lots and lots of good players and I'm really looking forward to the return game at Goodison in April."