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Zip World

It's difficult to excite modern Londoners because they're spoilt – they've tasted all there is to taste: The history, the nightlife, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson riding a bicycle like a cartoon bear.

Every Londoner has seen it, done it and bought the over-priced T-shirt – so it's going to take something more than just a bit special to get them queuing up on a sticky summer's day.

Wait, what's that? A 50mph zip wire, launching from a platform 35m above the Thames and shooting past Ben Ben? Why yes, that is intriguing.

From 6 July through to 1 August, Zip World London will grace Archbishop's Park near Lambeth, just south of the River and opposite the Houses of Parliament.

"Giant zip lines and the greatest cityscape in the world — it seemed such an obvious idea to put the two together," Zip World London founder Barry Shaverin told the Evening Standard.

"And Archbishop's Park is one of London's best-kept secrets. We really want to help it get the attention it deserves," he added.

The experience will begin with punters climbing 10 storeys to the top of a towering platform in the east of the park.

They will then briefly be able to enjoy views the city, including the Shard, the London Eye and Big Ben, before making a speedy descent along the 225m zip wire, parallel to the Thames and Parliament.

Reaching top speeds of 50mph, Zip World London is set to be the fastest in the world, surpassing the equally impressive zip line in Paris, which begins on the Eiffel Tower.

liverpool zip wire
A member of the public rides a zip wire in Liverpool in 2016 AFP

Visitors need to put aside about 40 minutes to be briefed and make their way to the top of the attraction. They will then enjoy a relatively short, but oh so sweet, 30-second 'flight' along the London skyline.

"I see it as a decent halfway house between a rollercoaster and a bungee jump. It'll be exciting but not terrifying," said Shaverin.

Tickets cost £22.50 for adults, £18.50 for students and £16.50 for children over eight. A family ticket costs £58.95.