London has the purr-fect distraction for you come 2018. Those who enjoy all-things feline won't be disappointed by the festival set to kick off in Oval. Catfest: Cats and Pop culture is an ode to the rulers of the internet.

Visitors will be able to shop for cat treats, accessories and toys. This includes hard to find foods and cat-inspired books and art. They will also be invited to enjoy some cat videos (classic!) and vegetarian meals from the event's different food stands.

The cutest attraction of the festival is the Meow Parlour, where visitors will meet fluffy shelter kittens. Adopting a kitty during the event is definitely encouraged and easy, but resisting the temptation to bring them all home might be another story.

It will take patience, though, as the event won't kick off until July 2018.

Cats: Rulers of internet

Cats having been ruling the internet for decades, with their cute pictures and funny videos. They're often used as inspiration for memes or even songs.

It was announced that China's celebrity cat, Lou Lou, died on 14 October. It had become so popular that "You may not know the cat's name, but you must have seen its emojis," said Lou Banniang, the cat's owner, speaking to China Daily.

Lou Lou's face inspired countless memes and emojis on China's social network Weibo. Perhaps the London Catfest will honour Lou Lou's memory?

"Cat culture seems to have exploded over the past few years [...] It would be a strange week indeed if I wasn't sent multiple links by friends to cat-related articles," director of Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Group, Abi Purser, told China Daily.

In 2014, video marketing company TubularInsights reported that about two million cat videos had been uploaded on YouTube since the website's launch and they had gathered 25 billion views in total.

The first ever cat video posted to the platform was uploaded by YouTube's co-founder Steve Chen. Titled Pajamas and Nick Drake, it's about 30 seconds in length and shows a cat playing with a rope.

The first cat video to have gone viral was uploaded in 2006. It is titled Puppy vs Cat and is as cute as you would imagine. It has gathered 16.3 million views so far.

The first ever cat-video to have gone viral is called Puppy vs Cat Youtube/Sanchey