Upmarket retailer Waitrose is introducing new half-bottles of wine, which is hoped will help cut couples' mid-week drinking.
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Their new 'Blueprint' label range of wines are designed for mid-week drinkers who find themselves finishing off whole bottles of wine with their meals, leaving some nursing hangovers the next day.

It is thought it is the first time 37.5cl wine bottles have been sold in the UK. The half bottle should provide drinkers with two pub-sized large wine glasses.

According to Waitrose they are offering the range "to offer customers an alternative to the full 75cl bottle, perhaps for a midweek evening meal".

Previously the only available sizes were typically 750ml, or smaller sizes for solo-drinkers. Their new range of 38 own-brand wines will include six available in smaller sizes.

The prices are also enticing with most of the drinks costing £3.49 to £4.99. Waitrose say the range is "crafted to reflect the world's classic regions and styles".

The new range has at least garnered some positive reaction online:

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Waitrose's new range of wines from around the world Waitrose