Boris Johnson wants police to have water cannon for crowd control in London
The only logical conclusion to this is a Boris Johnson versus George Clooney boxing match Reuters

The Mayor of London and a man who once played Batman opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger are in a row over the Elgin Marbles.

Mayor Boris Johnson chimed into the debate after reporters at a press conference for George Clooney's latest film The Monuments Men asked him whether he believes the contested sculptures should be returned to Greece where they were made.

The Monuments Men concerns the value of art and the importance that all art be kept in the country from which it originated, which is what led to the questions. You can see what he had to say in our video below, his answer starts from the 1:59 mark.

Both Clooney and co-star Bill Murray agreed that returning the artworks would "probably be the right thing to do." Murray added that the Marbles have had a "pretty nice stay here" but "London is getting pretty over-crowded."

Johnson disagreed however, telling the Telegraph: "Someone urgently needs to restore George Clooney's marbles. Here he is plugging a film about looted Nazi art without realising that [Hermann] Goring himself had plans to plunder the British Museum.

"And where were the Nazis going to send the Elgin marbles? To Athens! This Clooney is advocating nothing less than the Hitlerian agenda for London's cultural treasures."