On 5 May, people from across London will come out in their millions to elect their first new mayor in eight years. While a number of high profile candidates are in the running, the two major front runners in the race for City Hall are Labour's Sadiq Khan and the Conservative Party's Zac Goldsmith.

Khan currently leads Goldsmith in the polls, with the latest data suggesting that the Labour candidate is 15 points clear of Goldsmith on first preference votes. The Survation telephone survey for the London Fairness Commission also put Khan 20 points ahead on second preference votes, making him the clear favourite to win the top job in London.

However, Goldsmith can be reassured by how unreliable polling data was during the 2015 general election, and will still hope to cause an upset. IBTimes UK has compared these two heavyweights of London politics, and their policies on housing, transport, business and the environment ahead of the vote.