A rapper cleared of murdering a young man in north-west London has broken his silence over the trial, by recording a song in which he says he "thought my life was going to end".

Romarne Young, 22, who raps under the name "Hurricane", had been one of four defendants accused of gunning down 27-year-old Oliver Tetlow in a drive-by shooting in Harlesden on 9 March.

Tetlow was said by the prosecution to be the innocent victim of a "revenge" killing gone wrong after being mistaken for having stolen some gold jewellery owned by one of Young's associates, the flamboyant fellow London rapper "Cbiz" (real name David Osadebay).

The men's arrests caused a sensation among fans of London's underground rap scene. But halfway through the Old Bailey trial the case took a dramatic turn.

Facing the prospect of a lengthy sentence behind bars if convicted, Young and fellow defendant, 29-year-old Jahmico Trott, were instead suddenly acquitted. Young has now become the first to break his silence on the case, choosing to tell of his experience on trial through a song titled "First Day Out the Feds".

Released over Christmas shortly after being allowed to return to his home in South Kilburn, the lyrics see him celebrating his acquittal and describing the nightmare of being accused of murder.

He raps that he "thought my life was gonna end" when first charged with the shooting, but added that he "didn't moan" and "did the bit" while locked up in prison for the duration of the trial.

Romarne Young, also known as the rapper Hurricane, was cleared of involvement in the killing of Oliver Tetlow YouTube/Link Up TV

Describing sitting in the dock, he goes on to speak of feeling "tense" throughout the trial and that he "sat in court on my Bible" praying to be proven innocent. And it was a prayer Young would no doubt feel was heard.

Two weeks into the hearing, on 19 December, a witness giving evidence in court unexpectedly provided an alibi for Young and Trott. Just two days later, the judge found himself directing the jury to acquit the pair after the prosecution decided to offer no evidence against them.

"Praise the Lord ... I'm free of all charges," Young raps of the moment he was freed to leave the court, adding simply: "Now the only way's up."

As Young restarts life as a free man, the trial into Tetlow's killing continues. Osadebay – a 30-year-old MC whose online music videos attract millions of views – remains in the dock accused of murder, alongside 20-year-old co-defendant Mohamad Siamino. Both deny all charges.

Oliver Tetlow
Oliver Tetlow was gunned down in Harlesden

During the opening of the trial, the prosecution told the court Tetlow was gunned down in Church Road after jewellery owned by Osadebay was allegedly stolen while the rapper was out with friends at Tape nightclub in Mayfair.

The day after the alleged theft several individuals, said by the prosecution to be members of the Harlesden-based Church Road Soldiers gang, brandished jewellery in a video posted on social media as a "taunt" to Osadebay.

The video included a rapper called "Nines" – real name Courtney Freckleton – and another individual named Carlos Abreu mocking Osadebay, the court heard.

Prosecutor Thomas Kark QC had told the jury the alleged theft and taunts had so annoyed Osadebay that "he arranged a revenge attack" with the help of Young, Trott and Siamino. But the plan went awry after the gunman mistook Tetlow for Abreu, Kark had said.

Tetlow died at the scene after suffering 14 gunshot wounds to his chest, stomach, hand and leg. The weapon alleged to have been used, a Skorpion submachine gun, was said by the prosecution to have never been recovered and the gunman who pulled the trigger not known.

The killer is alleged to have escaped in a black Ford Kuga which was later found burnt out in neighbouring Ealing. All four defendants had been charged with murder under joint enterprise.

The ongoing trial, now in its third week, sees the prosecution now only allege Osadebay, of Crest Road, Neasden, and Siamino, from Acton, of involvement in the murder, with Young and Trott cleared of all charges.

The trial is set to continue on Tuesday (10 January).