Lord Sewel
Video footage shows Baron John Sewel snorting a white substance with rolled-up bank note UPPA/Photoshot

Lord Sewel, who allegedly snorted cocaine with two prostitutes, has been given a "leave of absence" according to the BBC.

He will not be attending the House of Lords while the investigation into the allegations, which has caused uproar from fellow peers and the public, is in process. The former deputy house speaker will then review his "long-term position".

The Labour peer, whose responsibility was to oversee standards in the House of Lords, was caught on camera allegedly snorting cocaine from a prostitute's breasts before adorning an orange bra himself.

He reportedly told the £200-a-night prostitutes how he wanted to be "led astray" and was caught flipping a framed photograph of his wife Jennifer Sewel before taking part in the orgy.

Then he is later heard speaking of his regret there were no Asian women to accompany them that evening: "They sort of look innocent, but you know they're whores."

Earlier today (27 July), Baroness Brinton told the Independent such "sexist and racist" comments had "no place in society".

She said he had "little regard for women and a total disregard for the status and responsibility of his role. Brinton added: "If an MP indulged in such behaviour and still wanted to cling to their seat, they would be accountable to their constituents who would have the chance to expel them from office."