Students at the University of California, Los Angeles, held a vigil for murdered professor William Klug on 2 June at the school's Bruin Plaza.

Gunman Mainak Sarkar shot Klug before killing himself at an engineering building on Wednesday morning (1 June), according to the Los Angeles Times. The LAPD believed Sarkar shot his former mentor as he accused Klug of stealing his computer code.

Known to his friends as Bill, Klug was a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UCLA. He was described as both "brilliant and kind" by his colleagues and an "exceptional mentor" by a former student. A source at the university told the Los Angeles paper that the accusations of stealing were ludicrous.

Widow of Klug, Mary Elise, said in a statement "During this extremely difficult time for our family, we are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support. This is an indescribable loss. Bill was so much more than my soulmate.

"I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. Knowing that so many others share our family's sorrow has provided a measure of comfort."

UCLA resumed classes on 2 June for most of the school, but the engineering department will remain closed until 6 June.