The couple who won one half of the largest-ever UK National Lottery jackpot have been named as David and Carol Martin from Hawick in the Scottish Borders. They said it felt "surreal" and "great" to win.

They were handed a cheque for £33,035,323 at a press conference on Wednesday 13 January. David said that winning "£50,000 would be huge, £33m is just unbelievable."

They said their first purchases would be first-class flight for their daughter who lives in Australia, and David said he might buy a nice pair a brogues. They added they were planning on spending some of the money on helping flood victims around the UK.

The couple had one of two winning tickets for the Lotto's biggest ever jackpot of £66m. The other winner has not yet been found and has 180 days to claim their prize – until 7 July.

The Martins said they decided to go public with their winnings because it would have been impossible to keep it a secret: "You can't hide 30 million quid, it's impossible," David said at the announcement in Edinburgh.

In the US, the Powerball jackpot has rolled over once again to record-breaking heights. If one person has a winning ticket, they'll be able to claim at least $1.3bn (£0.9bn).