With his earnest interview style and awkward on-camera mannerisms, British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux has long since earned the status of cult hero.

Fans have been delighted to see him return to UK screens with his new documentary Dark States, an unsettling look into the issues of crime, poverty and addiction that grip urban America. Despite his foray into more serious subjects, those who follow him on Twitter will know his wry sense of humour has not deserted him.

Twitter bot @Louistherouxbot, which claims to be provide "randomly generated Louis Theroux documentaries" has been poking light-hearted fun at Theroux's imitable style for the past few days.

It has also somehow caught the eye of Theroux himself, resulting in this very funny exchange on Wednesday (October 25).

The Louis bot wrote: "I'm in Amsterdam to meet Hannah, a former IT expert turned cybergoth who believes Hull is a portal to Hell."

This prompted the documentarian to retweet the message: "Alright, you asked for it. If this gets enough retweets I'll record it. Using my real voice."

The internet rarely fails to rise to the task – the tweet has already gained 24,000 retweets in just 12 hours.

Is Louis good for his word? Why, of course. Taking note of the overwhelming response, he replied: "I've recorded it. Seriously though how do you upload a sound file onto Twitter?"

The brains behind the bot is journalist Andy Kelly who says he is a big fan of Theroux, especially his early work:

"I've watched Weird Weekends more times than I can count. And while I love his new, hard-hitting documentaries, I was idly dreaming of him returning to the more offbeat, esoteric stuff", he said.

As of yet we're still waiting on the results of the voiceover but Andy said he's "stunned" he's even had a response.

This isn't the first time Louis has made fun of himself on Twitter. Here are just some of his other social media wins: