Everything comes "full circle" when "Lovecraft Country" returns for its finale, Episode 10, on Sunday. Sacrifices will be made for the sake of family and the promo teases at Tic's fate and Christina's final step to becoming immortal.

In Episode 9, "Rewind 1921," Christina somehow broke the curse on Dee in exchange for Tic's promise that he will be there at the fall equinox. She needs his blood to become immortal and this means he has to die.

Dee is still not well and Hippolyta (she is back after having lived 200 years in an alternate universe) somehow knows what could help her daughter: the Book of Names. She opened the portal at the observatory using her body as the motherboard so Tic, Leti, and Montrose can travel back to Tulsa 1921 and retrieve the book from Tic's great great grandmother.

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He will be my faith turned to flesh.

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The book will become an instrument in Tic's plan as the promo trailer HBO released for "Lovecraft Country" Episode 10 showed him calling on the names of the dead. He is back at the secret basement of Winthrop's mansion where the Sons of Adam disposed the corpses of their victims. It is not exactly clear what his plans are, but they could involve the ghouls stopping Christina from being immortal.

Tic knows that he will die as he read about it from the book his son, George, wrote from the future. The preview showed him in a threatening situation which could be what Jiah saw in her vision of how he dies.

Christina is ready to perform the rite to become immortal. The question though, is will Tic voluntarily surrender his life?

The trailer likewise revealed that the finale will take viewers back to Ardham where it all began for Tic, Montrose, and Leti. Only this time, Hippolyta and a woman who resembles Jiah are there too. A scene shows Montrose, Hippolyta, and Jiah surrounded by Christina's people, perhaps to prevent them from stopping the ritual.

Then there is Ruby and the mystery surrounding her alliance with Christina. It is unlikely that she will just sit back and watch as everyone she knows suffers and dies. She must have something planned which would explain why she is sticking by Christina.

"Lovecraft Country" Episode 10 will stream on HBO Max on Oct. 18.

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