"Lovecraft Country" creator Misha Green is working with writers to come up with a new take on season 2 of the HBO series.

HBO content boss Casey Bloys confirmed that Green has assembled a small team of writers so they can brainstorm ideas for the instalment. This time, she does not want to rely on a book as they did with season 1, which they based on the 2016 dark fantasy horror novel by Matt Ruff.

"Misha is working with a small team of writers and they're coming up with a take. She had a book to go on in the first season, she and the writers wanted to go off and take some time to go out and figure out without a book with these characters, what's the journey we want to go on," Bloys told Deadline.

"We all want to be sure she's got a story to tell. That's where she is right now, working on those ideas. I'm very hopeful, as is Mischa, so we're giving them the time to work," he added.

The season 1 finale was good enough as a show-ender even though it said goodbye to one of its main characters. Tic sacrificed himself so Leti, his dad Montrose, and his family could be saved. Leti also managed to strip the White Americans of their ability to possess magic. It was a season-ender that did not entirely warrant an instalment.

However, Green still has stories she wants to tell. She mentioned revisiting the "spirit of Matt Ruff's novel by continuing to reclaim the genre storytelling space that people of colour have typically been left out of." She hinted that "Lovecraft Country" season 2 will take off from the season 1 finale. It will explore the shift in power balance after Leti stripped Christina and all other White people of their magic and transferred them to the people of colour.

The question though, is if the showrunner still has the time to ponder on story ideas for "Lovecraft Country" season 2, and when production for the HBO show will start. It was announced in January that she will direct and write the "Tomb Raider" sequel as well.

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