Lucifer stars Tom Ellis as the devil on vacation Lucifer/Fox

After an eventful first season, fans are eagerly awaiting the 19 September premiere of Lucifer season 2 on Fox. As the season premiere approaches, the network has released two new promo videos that tease the upcoming dangers in the life of the protagonist, Lucifer Morningstar. With the "mother of angels" having escaped hell and the life-saving condition with God himself, the devil has to make calculated decisions in the upcoming season.

The first trailer titled Even Lucifer Prays offers a rare glimpse of the devil in a tight situation as he joins his hands in a prayer to his father – God.

Perhaps the situation has been provoked by the events of the last season, where he struck a deal with God to recapture his escaped mother in lieu of his life.

Once again, Lucifer will return to his psychiatrist Linda as he cripples with the thought of his mother on the loose, fearing that she is coming for him. "You have never mentioned your mother before," Linda is heard saying in the first promo. "She is going to kill me," the lord of hell says in return.

Meanwhile, the trio – Lucifer, Maze, and Amenadiel – try to figure out the gravity of the consequences as Mama Morningstar continues with her antics on Earth. "She is stupid hot and she has got a credit card," the fiery Maze shoots back in response to Lucifer's query. The cheeky trailer ends with a shot of the Lord of Hell praying to God, which clearly indicates that Charlotte – Lucifer's mother – is going to bring chaos in season 2.

Fox released another trailer, Where Does Maze Belong, which focuses on the wingless confidante of Lucifer as she tries to figure out her place during her time on Earth. "I need to get away from Lucifer," the demoness says in the video offering an insight into her turmoil as she juggles between conflicting thoughts of choosing the heavenly way or sticking by the devil's means.

Lucifer season 2 returns on Fox on Monday, 19 September, at 9pm EST.