The past weeks have been quiet over at the "Lucifer" set in Warner Bros. with rarely any details being revealed on the season 6 filming and on the release of season 5B. The writers for the Netflix show, on the other hand, gave fans something to hope for in a recent social media post.

On Wednesday, the writers perked up Lucifans' interest when they shared what they have planned for the holiday season. They said they will reveal the episode titles for "Lucifer" season 6.

"Hell-o LuciFans! Since you've been so good during this difficult year (wearing your masks, social distancing, staying as safe as you can), Satan Claus has some gifts to give out during the holiday season," they tweeted.

"Who would like to start seeing some #Lucifer Season 6 episode titles?" the writers asked.

In the past season, the writers let the fans participate in the title reveal by using codes, emojis, and fill-in-the-blank guessing games. Perhaps this applies to "Lucifer" season 6 too and one fan expressed her excitement to see this happen again.

"I would like to guess the titles!! Or guess from emojis or something," the fan commented.

"Can we please play the guessing game again? That was sooo fun, and hilarious to see what some people came up with for titles! (Also amazing how quickly some folks got the answers; I swear they'd be serious contenders on Wheel of Fortune!!)," another wrote.

"Oh noooooo, please stop, don't torture us with a devilish plan like having us guess the titles !!! We are only humans after all or are we? Mouhah," one more fan replied.

On the other hand, there are those who agreed that guessing the episode titles for "Lucifer" season 6 would be fun, but they would rather have a teaser for "Lucifer" Season 5B or know its release date as a Christmas present.

"First we'd like to know the release date of S5B then S6 episode titles. Even the devil wouldn't like desert before dinner," one fan suggested.

Netflix has yet to announce the release date for Lucifer" season 5B. In terms of a teaser, the showrunners only revealed the first few seconds of the midseason premiere (Episode 9) that teased the devil's disappearance. The show will return with an episode titled "Family Dinner," which will see God and his sons all together in one celestial gathering.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German play Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker in the Netflix series "Lucifer." Getty Images