Lucy Hale may not be over the cancellation news of her latest series "Katy Keene." The CW series that aired in February 2020 was called off by the network after one season in July.

The untimely goodbye seems to have left fans and stars quailed. In her recent interview, Lucy Hale opened up about her feelings after her show was taken down.

Speaking to E! while promoting Amazon's Pawsitive Impact event, she revealed that she is still "sad" for the show to have ended prematurely. She went on to reveal that it was a "horrible day" when she found out that the network has decided to cancel the show.

"It is always sad when things come to an end prematurely but in my opinion, I wanted that show to go on for many years and seasons," she said. "The powers at be had a different plan for it...It was such a horrible day when we found out about it not coming back but seeing the response from everyone being upset and the response of everyone else who supports me was only to show how much the show was loved."

"Riverdale" spinoff "Katy Keene" was about an aspiring fashion designer with the same name and her struggles to make it big in New York City. The show brought to life some other Archie Comics characters such as Josie McCoy, Gloria Grandbilt, and Pepper Smith.

The first season of the show concluded on May 19. On July 2, The CW announced its cancellation. However, the series is being shopped to other outlets.

Meanwhile, fans were left wondering about the future of Katy Keene. As revealed by the publication, Hale definitely knows the course her character takes in the second season. However, she refrains from divulging the details.

"I definitely knew where Katy would go in the second season and all the plans for her so its always a bummer to see that come to a halt without you wanting it to but ultimately, I only had amazing things to say about that show and the people and everyone involved in it," she added. "It really was a highlight of my career and living in NYC was amazing."

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale attends the ASPCA After Dark cocktail party hosted by Lucy Hale at The Plaza Hotel on April 20, 2017 in New York City. Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Nevertheless, the actress has not given up on the "really great season." And she hopes, fans will get to watch it as Katy Keene "will rise again." Meanwhile, Hale co-hosted a virtual event Pawsitive Impact with celebrity dog trainer Brandon McMillan. The event marked National Dog Day.