Nicki Durbin, mother of Luke Durbin who went missing on 12 May 2006, has made yet another appeal to the public to provide any information that can help trace her son. Luke was last seen, on CCTV in Dog's Head Street, Ipswich, walking towards the bus station at 4am – 10 years ago.

Nicki believes that some local people may be holding information about the disappearance and suspected murder of her son. "Myself and the police believe that it is someone local who is withholding that information and I beg them just to come forward," BBC quoted Nicki as saying.

In September 2015, in a desperate move, the mother offered £20,000 ($28,000) to anyone who could provide any details about her son. Later in December, a photograph of a Volvo 440 was also issued by the police, which was similar to the one seen in Ipswich town at the time of Luke's disappearance.

On the fateful day, Nicki had thought that Luke might have stayed over at a friend's home after a night out and may have gone to work directly the next morning. "It was his sister, Alicia, who first became concerned," she told to the Guardian.

On 13 May 2006, a missing report was filed by his mother with the Suffolk police, following which an extensive search was initiated. Police also questioned all of Luke's friends and family but to no avail.

"Ten years on, the Luke Durbin investigation remains an open and active enquiry. Police are continuing to ask anyone with information about his disappearance to come forward," detective inspector Kevin Hayward said, adding: "Over the years we have made numerous appeals and have carried out hundreds of enquiries but we still need that crucial piece of information to find him and I would urge anyone who can help to come forward."

If you have any information about the youth, you can speak to an officer confidentially or talk to Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111.