Nokia Lumia 1020
Lumia 1020 Speculated to Be Phased Out Starting September 2014 Nokia

Microsoft, which acquired Nokia's hardware and services business earlier in the year, seems to have adapted certain 'hardcore reforms' with respect to erstwhile Nokia devices.

Microsoft intentions to bring out reforms first started with the company wanting (and applying for) a licence to rebrand future Nokia devices as 'Nokia by Microsoft'. The Redmond-based company is even speculated to have neared the completion of licensing formalities, for a brand refurbishment.

Another speculation that is making waves of late is Microsoft's apparent intention to rebrand its Surface tablets as 'Microsoft Lumia'.

Now, in yet another reported revelation, the company looks set to kill the Lumia 1020 41 megapixel camera smartphone. According to tipster evLeaks, Lumia 1020 will reach 'end of life' status starting 14 September 2014.

'End of Life' status for any gadget indicates the duration from when its manufacturer stops manufacture and support.

The reported development also signifies the launch of a new Microsoft device (with a Nokia by Microsoft branding). The Redmond-based company is said to be working on exclusive gesture sensing smartphones tentatively termed Microsoft McLaren.

McLaren smartphones are slated to feature Xbox Kinect-like gesture sensors, and these devices are expected to be launched on various cellular networks across the United States this year.

Microsoft McLaren is hugely expected to succeed Lumia 1020.

Another smartphone that is expected to feature 'Nokia by Microsoft' branding is the Lumia 830 (a mid-range device) that is speculated to feature a 13MP camera, and run Windows Phone 8.1.

However, Microsoft is yet to officially issue a statement regarding Lumia 1020 reaching 'end of life' in September this year and the Lumia 830 being launched with a brand refurbishment.

Currently, Lumia 1020 (launched in July 2013) has been a preferred smartphone of a comparatively large number of people across the globe, with its 41MP camera.

Other specifications of the device include: 4.5in Super AMOLED display, Windows Phone 8 OS, and the 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor.