Microsoft Lumia 735
The Lumia 735 will be available in the UK from 2nd October. Nokia

Microsoft has confirmed the availability of the affordable dual-SIM smartphone, Lumia 735 in the UK.

The Skype-and-selfie-toting Lumia 735 will be the first smartphone to go on sale in the UK with Windows Phone 8.1 and a beta version of Cortana, Microsoft's personal digital assistant.

With a powerful full-HD five megapixel wide-angle front-facing camera the Lumia 735 comes pre-loaded with a new Lumia Selfie app.

Starting from 2<sup>nd October, the Lumia 735 will go on sale with only £19.99 on contract from all major retailers in the country. Powered by Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim, the Lumia 735 will be available for purchase in a range of colours including bright orange, bright green and stylish neutrals such as dark grey and white, reports NPU.

Prior to Microsoft's announcement, some of the UK retailers such as Clove, Handtec and Unlocked Mobiles have already revealed their pricing for the unlocked SIM-free variant of the handset. The unlocked Lumia 735 version costs a little more than £200.

Along with the Lumia 735, Microsoft's affordable flagship smartphone, Lumia 830 is also up for pre-order in UK stores with a suggested retail price of £300. The retailer has noted that Lumia 830 will also be available for purchase around the same time as the Lumia 735.

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