Six people are reported to have been killed after a private plane travelling from Treviso in northern Italy crashed in a mountainous region of Macedonia, 12 miles (20 km) from the capital Skopje.

No survivors are reported following the crash, the cause of which is being investigated. The plane was a twin-engine German-registered Piper Seneca, which was reportedly bound for Kosovo.

Macedonian officials said the victims were four Italians and two Kosovan nationals. The head of Macedonia's public security bureau, Mitko Chavko, said: "They departed from the airport Treviso in Italy with destination in Pristina. They intended to land in Skopje for refuelling," according to Tribune Pakistan.

The plane's destination caused some confusion because Skopje is south of Pristina and so further from Treviso.

According to Fox News the plane had requested to land but had not indicated an emergency. Shortly afterwards it disappeared from radar.The weather in the area at the time was said to be poor, with strong winds and poor visibility. Residents in the nearby village of Vetersko reported hearing a loud bang and seeing flames and smoke from the crash site. The wreckage of the plane was found just after nightfall, some hours after the last contact with the pilot.

None of those on board have yet been identified. According to Italian media reports, the Italian nationals included three men and one woman. One of the victims was said to be an entrepreneur from Treviso, as reported by Il Messaggero. It is thought the victims were members of Venetian flying clubs who had set out from Italy along with two other light aircraft.

In 1993, a Palair Macedonian flight crashed shortly after taking off from Skopje. 83 of the 97 people onboard perished in the accident, which was partly blamed on ice on the wing of the craft.